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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I get mail

I wrote a letter a few weeks ago to my Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, regarding my disapproval of the recent push towards censorship, between the raising of the FCC fines and the expansion of what is considered "obscene". I specifically pointed out that if "the children" are a concern, it's more important to teach children the importance of freedom instead of raising them in fear that they may one day hear the F word.
Well, her office must have seen the words "FCC" and "children" and assumed I was one of the hysterics who think society will end if a kid hears a curse word, because the letter assured me that Hutchinson is doing what she can to supress my 1st amendment rights (though it wasn't quite phrased that way). Well, she's getting another letter with less rhetorical flourish stating my opinions on this subject. The word "children" will be in it, but more along the lines of why I don't want my tax dollars spent on raising other people's children to be morons, but I'm sure I'll get another letter like this. Anyway, until then, I will share what my Senator thinks of your intelligence:

Last year, I wrote FCC Chairman Michael Powell expressing my disapproval of his panel's October 2003 ruling that a certain four-letter word is obscene only when used as a verb. Increased fines should send a strong message to the FCC to use its authority to protect our children and to broadcasters to provide more wholesome programming.

I wonder if her aides who write this sit around laughing and trying to figure out how to make this as ridiculous-sounding as possible. A "certain four-letter word"? Why, I am a decent person and I'm not sure I know what you mean, Ms. Hutchinson. "Wholesome programming"? I'll bet she means Seventh Heaven, the most offensive program on television, in my opinion. "Protect our children"? Well, that's a reasonable stance to take. I lost my faith and decided to become a shoplifter when I hear Bono say "fucking" on television, and that's a fact. I can only imagine how depraved it might make naive children.
We the public do not need to be treated like a kindergarten classroom. And if we must be, I want a naptime. This letter does have useful information. If you want to complain about censorship to the FCC, go ahead and contact their consumer line at 1-888-225-5322 or email them at


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