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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

People still not protecting themselves

Alarming health news--people aren't protecting themselves from STD's. I hate to say it, but this is a direct result of the attitudes that we have in this country that only sluts get STD's.
The religious right wants to scare people off of using condoms by having warning labels on them declaring that they are not 100% effective. They figure they can scare people into getting married that way. I say, fine, but as a fair tradeoff, you have to sign a piece of paper when you get married that says that you understand that your spouse is not 100% guaranteed not to cheat on you and bring disease home. That's about an equally fair statement, I would think.
Most people I know who got an STD got it from a cheating partner or spouse. I'm not saying that trust isn't a good thing; it is. Monogamy isn't a 100%, but it still one of the best ways to protect yourself. And so are condoms.


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