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Friday, July 09, 2004

Hullabaloo has the best idea ever

Orrin Hatch has the right idea. And Hullabaloo is behind it.
In case you want to go right to the meat of it, here's the link where Orrin Hatch explains how millions and millions of Americans feel about gender relations.

In all seriousness, he's right that millions of Americans feel that women are men's inferiors. But he's an absolute loon if he thinks that they're the majority. Hell, they aren't even the majority of men. Because alot of women and even more men characterize themselves as non-feminists doesn't mean that they actually believe in female subordination. It just means that they have been hoodwinked by a massive campaign to distract people from what feminism really is.
Case-in-point: My father. My father doesn't consider himself a feminist and no doubt thinks I'm a loony out there feminist myself. However, if he was to learn in my youth that I was being taught that I was naturally inferior to men, there would have been hell to pay.
So I agree with Hullabaloo. The Republicans need to beat the drum and keep talking up how women need to learn their place as often as possible.


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