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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Are you damned?

Sex With Nuns
Are You Damned?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

As a side note, I am so damned. I cursed out the Southern Baptists today and suggested out loud to no one in particular that they can go Cheney themselves. The reason was appropriately shallow. I attempted to purchase a bottle of wine with the food today at 11:30 AM. I thought I would go to the store early and get the shopping for dinner out of the way. I was politely reminded that on Sundays it is illegal to buy alcohol before noon. (This is a law that was enacted to snottily remind us that we are supposed to be in church. Fuck that. I used to work downtown and I can tell you that the piety of the legislators who write these types of laws is only outstripped by their drunkeness.) Walking to my car, I muttered the damning words and then snickered when I remembered that as bad as it sucks to not have wine with dinner because of these meddling fucktards, at least I am not in church.


Blogger delagar said...

Heh. Lucky you. Here in Fort Smith, Arkansas, we can't buy alcohol at all on Sundays.

Because that would be SINful, you know.

It's way annoying.

Of course, across the river, in Van B. AR, they can't buy alcohol, ever. Dry county. Unless, of course, they drive two blocks.


Blogger Amanda Marcotte said...

I suppose I'm out of line pointing it out. Let's get back to talking about how horribly oppressed Christianity is by the word "holiday".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be oh so nice if our country was LESS religious.



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