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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Holy shit

In the South, trying to disenfranchise black voters is just par for the course. Of course, we've loaded up the White House with a bunch of people who think dirty Texas politics needs to become the national standard. Black voters across the country can count on their votes being, well, not counted. A quote:

There is something called the Help America Vote Act that our president signed a year and a half ago. As soon as the Bush family tells us they’re going to help us vote I get very nervous. And sure enough, it is filled with expanding the purge of voters they did in Florida. Instead of eliminating that horror show, that racial voter pogrom, they’re going to take it on the road nationwide....Here’s the bottom line: In 2000, I’m working with Chris Edley of Harvard Law School on this—using his statistics and numbers and he was a U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner—to determine that 1 million black people cast votes nationwide and didn’t have their votes counted. So the non-count of the black vote is a serious racial problem.

Read the whole thing. Please try not to mess yourself. Scary stuff.


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