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Friday, April 02, 2004

Urban legends strike again

I love You can learn a whole lot about how people see recent events by looking at the bullshit stories they send each other in email. This one is a real doozy.
Okay, someone actually sent this to someone else thinking it was a great story about a real hero. Who thinks this? This story makes no sense.
First of all, how rude! This woman expresses dismay about deaths of people from her old country and this guy pretty much tells her that doesn't matter since Americans have died in war. Actually, if a woman is from Iraq, odds are she knows something about war, considering the million people killed in the Iran/Iraq war.
And how dumb do you have to be to think Iraqi women wear the burqa? And of course, there's always the brillance of the "go back to your own country" rant at non-white people. It's funny to me that your average xenophobic "patriot" probably knows alot less about American law and history than an immigrant who has to learn that stuff to get citizenship.
I highly doubt people would applaud and cheer a racist haranguing of a stranger, but hell, maybe there are places where everyone sits around hoping some Muslim gets yelled at so they can cheer. Who knows?
If Iraqis are such wicked people, why are we "liberating" them?
And the best part, the whole "If you were in _____, you wouldn't even get to say that" argument, completely missing that the supposed defender of freedom is, in fact, not letting the woman speak her mind.
I'm sure this story isn't true, and I have to wonder where these stories come from. Wherever they come from, these stories obviously have alot of meaning to somebody, and that worries me.


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