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Friday, April 09, 2004

A small bone to pick

It's obvious to me and pretty much everyone I know in my little enclave of the world that the Bush administration is lying out their collective asses about 9/11. It is becoming clear very quickly that they should have done something but didn't. And the reason they didn't seems to be nothing more than plain old arrogance.
But the line is that they didn't know enough to prevent it, and they are sticking to it, even though that line is becoming ridiculous. They didn't know al Qaeda planned to attack; oh yeah, I guess they did. They didn't know that hijacked planes were falling into favor as weapons; oops, they knew that, too. Today the line is that they didn't have a way to narrow down any goddamn targets.

While there were no specific targets mentioned in the United States, there was intelligence indicating al-Qaida might attempt to crash a plane into the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi. And other reports said Islamic extremists might try to hijack a plane to gain release of comrades.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but how could they have not had the World Trade Center on the short list of potential targets of hijacked planes? I am not in intelligence, but if they had decided to randomly call me and ask me what Osama bin Laden probably had a hard-on for taking out, I would have guessed the WTC. You know, considering there was a previous attempt to bomb it to the ground.
And anyway, why would having a list of specific targets really be all that relevant? Preventing the attack had nothing to do with securing possible targets, but preventing hijackers from getting on the planes with weapons to begin with.
I may be over-simplifying here. I don't know. Part of me is inclined to think that BushCo is deliberately trying to complicate matters in order to confuse people to the point that they just tune the whole 9/11 commission's findings out. Certainly that was Condi Rice's strategy when getting questioned--pretend like simple, straightforward questions were invitations to lecture Congress on the history of surprise attacks on our country.


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