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Friday, May 21, 2004

George Bush: Romantic novel hero

Simply hilarious post about W. for Women from World O'Crap. The inspiration was an article in the Boston Globe, where we get to find out more about what the Republican party finds that women worry their pretty little heads about:

The Bush team is counting on his 56-year-old wife to energize the party faithful and shore up the president's eroding support among suburban women and soccer moms by humanizing him as a caring family man, softening his tough-guy image while emphasizing his steady hand in scary times and reviving the compassion agenda of education, health care, faith-based charity, and tax cuts that helped Bush narrow the historic gender gap in 2000.
'This administration is pretty macho, and it's presented the male version of war," said Representative Deborah Pryce of Ohio, chairwoman of the House Republican Conference. ''Security is an issue that every woman, every family, every mother should take seriously, and perhaps the first lady can add some insights into that."

These are scary times and silly women are too busy hiding or standing on chairs screaming to pull it together and vote Republican. Well, what else could it be? I mean, I know those silly feminists keep making noise about how women vote "issues" and have concerns about nonsense like reproductive freedom, equal rights, and economic opportunity, but we all know that women just vote for whoever is cuter and looks like he could give them lots o' babies, what every woman wants.
In these scary, scary terrorist times we women need a man who will play Rhett Butler to our Scarlett O'Hara, shake some sense into us silly women, forcing us to pull ourselves together and vote Republican. If we can make it through this stressful election and do the right thing, we can go back to knitting and giggling and having pillow fights while the big, strong men handle the scary world.


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