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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Single people are apparently sick freaks

Well, that seems to be the conclusion of The Hill after revealing that married people are more likely to vote Republican than unmarried people.

Research has been piling up over the past two decades showing that married couples are more satisfied with their lives and that this satisfaction derives from tangible and measurable benefits of the married life, especially for women.....
....Research published by the University of Massachusetts concludes that “one of the more consistent observations in health research is that the married enjoy better health than those of other statuses.” More specifically, there is evidence that the unmarried are more likely to be alcoholic, abuse illegal drugs, become accident victims, be hospitalized and live shortened lives....
....Voting is inherently a social act that we do with and for others, and married people are inherently more social. Married people are more likely to appreciate the importance of taking the time on a busy Tuesday in November to vote for the good of the whole country.

Hill's conclusion is that married people are happier, therefore more likely to vote Republican. Or something like that.
Or maybe single people are less likely to vote Republican because this is how the Republican Party's spokespeople describe us, as sick, hateful, under-sexed freaks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pollster is Republican, and thus happy to dis any Democratic leaning voters. He can't say "blacks are lazy" anymore, so singles will do. Polling: the practice of demography without a license. I am always amused at the claims that unmarried people are drug addicts, etc - haven't they heard of nuns? "... the unmarried are more likely to become accident victimes ..." well, the unmarried group is younger than the married group, and merely due to age more likely to have car crashes, sports accidents, etc.

In my experience, the political activists are either unmarried or are retired empty-nesters. The Hill (Capitol, not newsrag) is full of those evil unmarried people - wait, maybe that's the problem, too many unmarried Republicans, some of whom are waiting to be outed by John Aravosis of Americablog.



Blogger BlondeSense Liz said...

that's a crock of shit. married people are mostly miserable. 50% of marriages will end in divorce. 95% of those who divorce will remarry and a huge number of them will divorce again. miserable people vote republican.


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