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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Must-read on Kerry

Salon has a great reality check on the Republican spin on John Kerry today. The major issues? Is he the most liberal senator? No. Did he try to undermine intelligence and military spending when we needed it the most? No. Is he a "flip-flopper"? No, and what the hell is that supposed to mean anyway? And my personal favorite--is his Senate record "undistinguished"? Only if you consider a consistent record on digging out corruption and working towards getting out all the facts before making important decisions to be "undistinguished". God knows if doing things like probing the Iran-Contra scandal is "undistinguised", we need way more "undistinguished" types up on the Hill. In fact, that's the sort of "undistinguished" record we need someone to have if we're going to entrust him to clean up that mess that the Shrub has made of our government.


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