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Monday, August 09, 2004

Bush for beginners

Annezo is reading Bushwhacked , which really should be required reading for anyone who wishes to vote this election. Sadly, it's going to be damn near impossible to get those who are still starry-eyed about Bush to sit through an entire book chronicling the way he's screwed over his businesses, screwed over my beloved state of Texas, and is screwing over the country. But maybe you can get them to read her post, since it's a succient point by point description of BushCo philosophy and policies. This one is my favorite:

Women's Rights?

You have the right to bear children.

Well, you also have a right to quit your job and live in poverty trying to make up what is lacking in your child's education, too.

Send the post to anyone you know who is so blinded by the fearfearfearfearpatriotismfearfear campaign strategy to see that BushCo actually makes policy and its policy is really damaging. Maybe they'll actually read the book. (See? Those of us on the left are optimistic.) Ivins is a good antidote to the constant blather coming off of Fox News especially about Bush "hating". Despite the fact that if anyone has reason to hate Bush, it's those of us in Texas who've had to live with him as governor and as President. Ivins in particular probably has an arsenal of personality-based attacks to aim at the Shrub because she knows him personally, though how well I don't know. (Everyone knows everyone in Austin.) And even if she doesn't know him well, she's all too familiar with his style from observing him closely for so long.

But she avoids all these attacks and goes straight for the heart of the matter--his policies. But she's a fun writer, so it's a quick and entertaining read. If you haven't read it, read it now. It's your best weapon against charges that people are against Bush for personal reasons. In the meantime, Annezo's post is a great crib sheet.


Blogger Elayne said...

Anne Zook is one of my favorites, just like you. It's a good thing the two of you are right up top of my blogroll (sorted by first name alphabetically)!


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