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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The most important election ever

Okay, maybe not. But go vote at the Washington Post for best blogs so that a bunch of idiots, wankers, Bush-lovers, and racists don't win.

But be prepared to be irritated with the nominees. While the liberal blogs are all pretty good ones, there's not what you'd call many women in the bunch. *sigh*


Blogger Anne said...

Unrelated, but check out the comment on this entry:


Blogger Elayne said...

Can't vote. You need to register in order to vote.


Blogger Amanda said...

I am always amused, Anne, by these so-called Christians who think that it's acceptable to lie about their motivations for political gain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bugger... the only blog in the list that I read with any regularity is Fafblog. I can understand no Mouse Words, no Alas, A Blog, etc, but no Brad DeLong? No Matthew Yglesias?

Julian Elson


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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