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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tip for my fellow cat-owners

I do not know how I went so long without one, but I got a bagless vaccum for Christmas and I am in awe. It pulled up so much hair, you wouldn't even know that I have cats. Well between that and the fact they are still pouting under the bed about me even daring to run the noisy thing.

As a bonus, there is a steam gun in there, which has completely ridded the carpet of the faint stains where Katy has puked up hairballs. Plus, since it's a gun, you get to act all Dirty Harry on the carpet stains.

I'm just sayin'.


Blogger Ron said...

Ooooo, I'm so jealous. Did you get a Dyson? I have a crappy-ass bagless that (doesn't) suck(s). It is also a pain to clean the filter. I've heard those Dyson babies suck so hard the dirt under the carpet comes up too. Too bad they are ~$500. My bethrothed & I are hoping one of our more well-to-do relatives decides to get it for us for a wedding present. Ya never know. We have 2 cats & a dog. They all shed constantly & puke occasionally.


Blogger Amanda said...

No, believe it or not, the vaccum is incredibly affordable. It's a four-piece Dirt Devil set you can get at Home Depot--one bagless vac, one bagless floor brush, one spot steam cleaning gun, and one handheld vac. It's like less than $200.

Of course, I have a really small house with tight Berber carpeting so I don't need a mighty mansion-cleaning vaccum.


Blogger Ron said...

Thanks, I'll look for it. I have a Dirt Devil too, but I bought the low-end one when I moved in last year. I left my old, but good, vacuum for my ex-roommate 'cause he is poorer than me. My house is ~1200 ft^2 & mostly hardwood floors with area rugs. The big pain is cleaning the furniture of hair. For some reason the pets aim for the carpets when puking. Also, the replacement filters for mine can only be gotten from the maufacturer even though other DD models' filters are available at Home Despot. Once the filters clog, it no longer sucks well. Funny how important a vacuum can be.


Blogger zuzu said...

I can tell you never get a limited-edition vacuum (two u's, Amanda, not two c's, sorry to be a pedant) because you ain't never gonna find bags for it.

I have wood floors and only use the vacuum for the furniture, but it's great (two cats and a dog). Friends of mine (two dogs and three cats and two kids in too small a place) just got some German bagless model for $750 that they're in ecstasy over. They really think they'll never buy another.


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