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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Bush speaks

I commend everyone out there who was able to sit through that entire thing. I tuned in for a bit, heard him whine that he was asked a question that he hadn't been given in written form beforehand and then complain that the reporters were pressuring him and I had to flip it off.
On top of everything else, Son of a Bush annoys me. He is often described as being a personable guy that everyone likes, and I can sort of see it. He's from a common enough type down here in Texas--the smirking rich frat boy, proud that he's a little dumb, doesn't take anything seriously and reveals that he actually has a temper when someone asks him to take something seriously. You can wander into any classroom here at UT and watch one of these guys get called on by the teacher and see a repeat of the performance he gave last night. Those guys are usually pretty popular, but they irritate me whether they get to be President or not. I secretly always suspected, though, that they are only popular because they sort of intimidate people into acting like they like them, but since the Prez can't intimidate his fans into liking him, I may have to rethink that opinion.


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