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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Unfortunate death turned into political card

The vultures are swarming over the unfortunate death of a teenage girl who tried to have an abortion. This article manages to condemn the poor girl while still "mourning" her death, by implying that she felt about abortion as she did about shoe shopping:

"They literally went shopping," Redden told reporters. "One even offered prenatal care and vitamins."

There's no way to know what really went on here, particularly since this article tries to make the abortion clinic sound as much like a bunch of militant criminals as possible. However, her peculiar situation manages to leak through. There's an implication that her family is opposed to abortion:

Redden said the abortion business acted out of interest in "money and greed" when they performed an abortion on her cousin, Tamiia Russell, who was six months pregnant.

She was skirted back and forth to various doctors and hospitals by various relatives and friends and the enitre thing sounds like it was dragged out and very emotionally draining, if not worse. And why was it that she was allowed to bleed through a mattress before she was taken to the hospital?
The article makes a big deal out of how she was under 18. Yes, she was under 18 and that surely had alot to do with death, but not for the reasons they believe. If she had her full rights, she wouldn't have had to scuttle around for 24 weeks trying to get an abortion, leading to this tragedy.
I am most sorry that this girl died. I find it saddening that the pro-life forces are pretending to care to score political points. The pro-choice side believes in choice, and therefore we respect both the choice to be pregnant as surely as we do not to be pregnant and we don't run around scoring points by pointing out how many women die every year in childbirth.
Don't believe pro-lifers for a moment when they pretend that one of their main missions is to somehow reduce abortion-related deaths. Making abortion illegal will, without a doubt, result in many more women dying from abortion-related deaths.
In fact, this girl's death is more indicative of what you can expect if abortion is illegal. As this article points out repeatedly, this was an illegal abortion.

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