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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Why should Ashcroft give a crap?

He was appointed as a big fat thank you to the Christian right, and as such, he is pretty secure. He was the perfect person to try to blame 9/11 on Clinton even though in many ways he is more responsible than anyone for blatantly ignoring the terrorist threat, and he's been one of the most opportunistic members of the administration, seeing 9/11 as a perfect excuse to expand his powers and take away those pesky rights that allow Americans to continue to live their lives in unholy ways.
Still, I can tell that he was coached to contain himself. I suspect that he had trouble restraining himself from blaming Americans themselves for the attacks, as we have brought The Lord's wrath upon ourselves with our sinning. 9/11 is exactly the sort of thing God threw down on Israel every time the king did something sinful. And considering that Clinton both the sinned like David (adultery) and like Solomon (letting his wife have some authority), he may have single-handedly brought the wrath of God upon us. One more Democrat in office, and we might be worshipping Baal.