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Friday, April 09, 2004

The controversy over plastic surgery heats up

The Swan is getting written up everywhere. Of course, using the language of "choice", plastic surgery is being reimagined as a feminist choice, which is right up there with "if more women give up their jobs for family than men it's just a coincidence" for Bullshit Rhetoric of the Year award. Anyway, this article made me really, really sad. This quote in particular off the show's forums:

"These women who were chosen are blessed. I hope that one day, I too will be blessed in such a way. My husband says that we can't afford any surgeries, so I'm just going to trust the Lord, and pray that one day I too will be given the opportunity to be a swan."

Fascinating. To be a fly on the wall in her house must be something else. I wonder if her husband is holding back the cash because he doesn't want her to get surgery, or if they really can't afford it. Possibly a combination.
Humanity managed to reproduce itself for millenia without plastic surgery to make women's bodies palatable to men. One might be forced to conclude that men are perfectly capable of having sexual interest in women who haven't been torn up and rebuilt to look like Barbie dolls. In fact, one may even conclude that heterosexual men want to have sex with actual women, even if Fox thinks that's disgusting.
I think plastic surgery is going to be a relic soon enough. People will look back on it and see the barbarism we see in foot binding, corseting, and female genital mutilation. And women who didn't give in can take real pride in themselves for it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it, wonderful insight it is totally barbaric and we should embrace our natural beauty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incredibly put! If only more women could be more practical...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not at all!!
I believe that plastic surgery provides women with the opportunity to improve themselves as individuals. It may be an unnatural, artifically driven phenomenon, but it makes women feel better about themselves. Some women overuse and abuse the surgery though...The modern world has come with it technological advancement. Why not use the technology to improve quality of life. It's a opportunity not only for women but also men to augment thir self-esteem and improve the way they feel about themselves.
And by the way...plastic surgery isn't only about cosmetics: i.e. boob enlargements, liposuction and botox. Look at the reconstructive side! It has provided countless people the opportunity to re-establish themselves after shocking accidents and diseases!!
Lol you guys are so silly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you are the one who's silly
you talk about self-esteem and improvement, but that's not what it is.. those women are destroying what the Creator has created for them. They are giving up their real beauty for some illusionment! I believe that all people are beautiful it's what their insides change them. It's because they think they are ugly or because someone else thinks that way. Either way, nobody is really ugly. They are all beautiful in their lovers eyes.. and Him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the one who said that "those women are destroying what the Creator has created for them"..... don't you think that the creator also gave the human bieng the ability to create technology and therefore the ability to change appeareances with plastic surgery?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I give you props for being so confident in yourself and finding the beauty in everything and everyone. I have a similar outlook on things but there are so many out there that don't have that feeling. How sad would it be if all those women with such low self esteem only ever saw ugliness in themselves and unable to see their beauty and had no option to fix it? Every person has the right to feel happy about their appearance and feel beautiful and confident and if plastic surgery is the only fix then they should have the opportunity to change what they dislike about themselves without others judging them. I mean it's a nice thought to want everyone to except themselves and feel beautiful but that's something our society will never experience.


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