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Saturday, April 03, 2004

I want this shirt

It's a response to Republican-owned Urban Outfitter's attempt to impress upon young people how uncool voting is by selling a T-shirt claiming voting is for old people. C'mon. I would be cute in the girlie cut one.
I go this link from Punkvoter. It's a site well worth checking out. As I mentioned before, I heard about them from their Rock Against Bush show at SXSW. I really admire their commitment to this cause. There is no reason punk rock should be apolitical. What are people afraid of? Offending someone? For fuck's sake, it's punk rock. It's supposed to be seditious. Regardless of what Johnny Ramone may say, punk rock really doesn't function to support soul-sucking conservative bullshit. Anyway, one of the great Ramones songs is "Bonzo Goes tto Bitburg", a scathing critique of the sickness that permeated the Reagan administration. One can only imagine what Joey Ramone would think of this administration. Sick would just be a beginning.
Go! Sign up! Pissing on uptight conservatives isn't just necessary, it's fun!


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