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Monday, April 12, 2004

Limbaugh's just moved onto smoking crack

“Only in Washington when the girl is a Republican and a black can you beat up on her.
Couldn't do this if she were representing a Democrat administration regardless of her color,
but especially given that she's black.”

The great thing about Limbaugh is that he can be counted on to lay bare the underpinnings of the cynical Republican political strategies. Step one of course is to build up an elaborate myth that "liberals" think one's race or sex makes one above criticism. Then accuse people of hypocrisy when, say, a black woman is criticized.
What's funny about that is by pointing out that Rice is a black woman over and over and over and over and over and over again is that it's really reinforcing alot of people's suspicions that the Bush administration is asking her to take a bullet in large part because she's black. Why this might point to their own racism is lost on Rush's loyal audience, I'm sure, but it is building up even more resentment amongst the rest of the population. Race-baiting to get out of this situation is a weasel thing to do and it is insulting to the majority of the nation whose desire for answers about 9/11 has absolutely nothing to do with race.


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