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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Not sure how I feel about this one

I think that anti-abortion people have freedom of speech for sure. But I do have a quarrel with they way they say that they are simply passing out fliers. As I have noted many times before, the Christian fundamentalists and anti-abortion activists who come to campus are not interested in politely passing out fliers. They are interested in shouting at people, shoving gross pictures in their faces, and singling women out for abuse by the way they are dressed. Of course, that's only a small minority, but they do make a spectacle.
However, I feel like they should be able to come to campus and make a spectacle of themselves. They have their freedom of speech. Campus security should be on hand to stop them lest they attack people personally, but if they want to shout themselves hoarse at people who mostly ignore them, I say let them.


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