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Friday, April 16, 2004

The Southern strategy

Has the Republican party disavowed racism? No, they've only dressed it up some, argues David Neiwert. While not all conservatives, or even most conservatives, necessarily have racist beliefs personally, it is still an approved strategy for the Republican party. In fact, alot of effort goes into redecorating racists beliefs to adjust for cultural changes. And while the intention may not be to keep racism alive, that is the effect.
It's a great piece. I would add, as an aside, that racial intolerance towards blacks proved to be such an effective strategy that it's being expanded to open intolerance on a number of issues, including growing antagonism towards equality for women, gays, immigrants, Hispanics, etc., all in an attempt to attract different groups who may harbor these intolerances. So, while someone may have conservative religious beliefs but not be racist, he may be attracted to the message of intolerance towards gays and feminism.
But by aligning himself with racists, he is expanding their power base, if inadvertently. So, Republicans are increasingly allowing themselves to be defined as the party of intolerance across the board.


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