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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Freaky fundie Wednesday

Wednesdays on campus the fundamentalists come to the mall and scream at people for a few hours, get ignored or argued with and go home. I am frequently startled by their willingness to sink to new lows in tastelessness. For a few weeks, it was one guy screaming detailed descriptions of anal sex in order to encourage Christ-like love of homosexuals, making me wish the FCC would consider regulating missionaries.
But today they sank to an all-time low. One man was holding an enormous sign with a picture of the Twin Towers on fire and the words to the effect that if you were on the 86th floor it would be best if you are saved. I told them they made me sick as I walked by but they ignored me. I guess they think they're doing the right thing, but from the outside it looks like self-righteousness far past the point of delusion.