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Friday, April 16, 2004

Limousine liberals, Air America and "bounced" checks

Conservative radio was so eager for any sign that Air America was going to go under that they jumped all over the fact that their L.A. affiliate dumped them over a stop payment on a check that they unwittingly made an off-target argument. It mostly annoyed me that Drudge, etc. were lying about the situation and I didn't think of the larger implications of the lie until my boyfriend came home from full of reports from his mostly conservative co-workers about how Air America has been "shut down completely". That they were "bouncing checks". Just as I was about to boil over, he said, "They were laughing and saying how did anyone think a liberal group could get any money together?"
I said, "Wait a minute. Isn't the problem with evil liberals is that they are rich and look down their noses at the common man who has to work for a living?"
In their eagerness to jump all over Air America, conservative pundits accidentally let on the truth of the matter, however subtly--they only exist because they have a constant flow of cash from the rich who have quite a bit of interest in keeping the public bought and the Republicans in power. I doubt their loyal audiences will catch onto that (since they still haven't wrapped their minds around the absurdity behind the theory of a cabal of the super-rich who want to turn us into Communists), but still, I had to laugh.


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