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Monday, May 03, 2004

New site to read

Yeah, like there's room for anymore. But this one looks promising. It's called Media Matters, and it's run by David Brock, the journalist who ran the big smear campaign against Anita Hill and then switched sides to join the Democrat's cause, in part because he gets what Andrew Sullivan just can't wrap his mind around--that there's no room for homosexuals in the Republican party. His book, Blinded by the Right is well worth reading. Alot of people have pointed out that since he was a big fat liar for the right, then there's no reason for him not to be a liar for the left, a valid criticism. But I remember his old writing style and his new book takes a more sober tone, at least. Read it for yourself and decide. (Not that it isn't stuffed full of salacious gossip. But then again, I like salacious gossip.)
This article about Rush Limbaugh is great. For anyone who thinks that his bile was just the drugs talking, this is a good reminder that post-drugs Limbaugh is still a blathering idiot. I'm afraid it might just be his actual personality.

Via Atrios.