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Monday, May 10, 2004

Newspeak on emergency contraception

Making sure that as many women and girls as possible become pregnant against their will is now being called "protecting the safety" of women and girls.

"FRC applauds the FDA for putting the safety of American women and girls above the wishes of the pro-abortion lobby and we encourage them to hold their ground.

"Women taking the birth control pill consult with their doctors once a year for medical check-ups. The morning-after pill is 50 times stronger, and yet over-the-counter access would have allowed women and girls to take this dangerous drug without any medical oversight.

This is a misleading statement, if not an outright lie. The annual exam is not recommended only for teenage sluts who take the birth control pill, despite any misconceptions the FRC might have. That once-a-year check-up, known as the "annual" in the real world is centered around the Pap smear, a test for cervical cancer that all women should get regardless of their contraceptive choices. Yes, they check for other things, but if it was just a matter of getting the pill, doctors could do it over the telephone. Or even the internet.
My doctor told me straight up that gynecologists tie getting the birth control pill prescription refilled with the annual exam for ulterior motivations. For one, it's just easier for their patients to get everything done at once. For another, it gives the doctor an opportunity to discuss the patient's sexual choices face to face in a more honest manner. But mostly, the prescription is bribery to make sure that the patients come in once a year like they are supposed to.
The birth control pill and emergency contraception have been thoroughly tested in the lab and in the general population. Doctors know tons about these drugs and how they work. The educated medical opinion is that emergency contraception should be available over-the-counter, and the FRC knows this. Pretending that there is an non-political concern about the safety of the drug is a blatant lie.


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