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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Salon can't resist weighing in

But at least they don't give into the reactionary urge just to blame feminists for all the world's evils. Still, I am discouraged by the amount of respect the anti-woman opportunists are getting when they say that this is reason to get women out of the military. That is just stupid, and there's not a nicer way to put it. It's illogical on many levels.
Which is it? Are women too nice and feminine to be soliders or too mean? If we can't hold the entire military responsible for the actions of a few soliders, why is it we can hold all women in the military responsible for the actions of a few? Trashing on women in the military is not just an intellectual exercise--when the right puts pundits (mostly female, of course) forward to call for removing women from the military, they are threatening to take away the livelihood of living, breathing human beings. Personally, I think there should be a ban on female conservative pundits. They just aren't up to it. In Coulter's case, they just don't weigh enough and it's creeping people out.
Salon really should know better. Fine, talk about how this brings up questions about women and the military. But can we quit pretending that there is a shred of substance to arguments that this is reason enough to toss women out on their asses? It's the same old boring argument that has been used against women throughout history--that whatever is being disdained is what women are. If weakness is disdained, women are weak. If cruelty is disdained, all of sudden women aren't weak but overly tough and cruel. It's misogyny and that's an attitude not an argument.