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Thursday, May 06, 2004

More much from The Compassionate Conservative

More fun from Marvin Olasky, who, as I have mentioned before, manages to draw a paycheck from the same damn place I do, even though we seem to hail from different planets. On my planet, for instance, we make sense. On his, we pull things out of our ass to prove that for the first time in history women will suddenly start loving to have babies they really don't want. Of course, it's a tenet of the anti-abortion crowd that abortion is a product of modernism and that women never had them before the 1960's:

If younger people respond to calls to do what's right, reject parents who say that anything is right and control anti-social impulses, they are leaving 1960s and 1970s thinking behind -- and may also leave behind the older generation's policy innovations.

A convienent belief, but false. Abortion was incredibly common before it was legal and usually done under other auspices. Odds are that is exactly what will happen if it's made illegal again--the miscarriage rate will mysteriously shoot up. Olasky might not believe that he truth is important, but that's not what he says:

The apostle Paul, in chapter one of Romans, writes about our human tendency to suppress the truth in unrighteousness -- but it may be that we can fully suppress it only for so long.

Paul is quite right in this case. It took a long, long time for birth control advocates to expose the truth--that life is better for people who can limit family size and that women are in fact equal to men and deserve to be treated as such. Most people have a basic grasp on this truth, as is evidenced by the fact that even anti-feminists have to (publically) concede that women should get paid for work and be allowed to use (some) kinds of birth control. So, the anti-choice side (Olasky claims they have the "truth") has been forced to tell LIES in order to scare people. Outright lies about the dangers of abortion and the ineffectiveness of birth control. Mistruths and misleading stereotypes about the "kinds" of women that get abortions and use birth control. This article that's full of regard for the truth has some serious lies in it and other misleading statements.

*He mentions that women polled think that waiting and talking to your parents is a "should". He neglects to mention that the law wasn't a part of that poll, just sort of a hypothetical ideal situation.
*He mentions how abortion is on the decline and neglects to mention that increased birth control usage is why, not some sort of moral outpouring.
*He mentions that abortion isn't easy, and acts like this vindicates him. That's like me saying, "Childbirth isn't easy, so I believe every woman should go without." Stupid and fooling myself. And probably lying.
*He says that it's a paradox that someone would be pro-choice because she cares about the next generation. He knows what she means and pretends not to. How is that the truth, again?
*And then he spreads the general mistruth that people are pro-abortion as a sort of religious conviction, like we are in a death cult. If he doesn't know better, than he better start getting himself some of the truth he's so fond of.

I don't remember Jesus talking much about abortion and slutty welfare recipients who get it and whatnot. But I do recall that he had harsh words for the publically pious and the hypocrites. Maybe Olasky might want to reread those passages, unless it's just a teeny bit too truthful for his comfort.


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