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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Getting your virginity back

There's surgery now to replace women's hymens. It's mostly done on girls whose husbands-to-be love them so much that they cherish the chance to have painful, bloody sex with her just once. Don't believe me? Quotes from the story:

"It's like a little white lie, but you do it for love," Vanegas said.

"It hurt even more than originally losing my virginity," she said. "My husband had no idea because all the stuff happened again that happens when you really are a virgin."

He had no idea maybe, but he probably has an idea now. I like the way she dodges explaining what "happens" when you lose your virginity. Obviously, she's referring to the idea that virgins are broken into, sort of like when you break the seal off the bottle of aspirin, except with blood and for dramatic purposes, some pain and crying. Romantic, yeah.
Of course, in this day and age barely any girl has that wonderful, romantic chance to give this gift of unpleasant hymen-breaking to the Man She Loves, and it's not just that we sluts go slutting around before we get married. Most girls, if they are honest with you, will tell you that it wasn't all that painful and probably not all that bloody, that all that stuff that "happens" when you are a virgin doesn't, because most girls don't have much of a hymen when they first have sex. Gym class, tampons, bicycle riding and just plain old age make it fall apart over time. And if more and more girls have a pleasant time the first time they have sex, that's not something to mourn and tear your hair out over and have surgery to "correct".
While most girls don't really have the whole hymen-tearing experience, though, a few do. And if you ask any of them if losing their virginity was such a great and loving experience that they would go through it again, they would look at you as if you were crazy. If you asked them if they would pay $2,000 for that chance, they may kick you.
Ladies, if a man looks deep into your eyes and lovingly says that he cannot wait until he rips into you and you bleed and cry, if your first thought is, "Uh-oh. I don't know if I can give that to him because of other partners/tampons/a horse-riding hobby," you might have a problem that surgery isn't going to fix. But, a good step is to ditch that guy and maybe think about one who wants sex to be about fun and love instead of bloody conquest.

Via Feministing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i use to thing, the same way. that sex is about love but i am an african, and my culture demands me to be a virgin untill i get maraide, which i am, nomore.
i need help, cos my parents will know one day, and they will kill me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can only say if your culture really requires you be a virgin.... I would hope you would find it in your heart to except Jesus as your Savior. I know that can't make you a virgin again.... but, It can allow God to protect you from death from your parents and you would also benefit from a personal relationship with The God of ALL creation , who Will protect you and you can have the peace of knowing whatever happens will be HIS decision , not your parents or anyone else for that matter.... if you need someone to talk to Please email me anytime you wish!


Blogger Skywalker3012 said...

Some ways are good evangelism, some ways are bad, and some ways... Just won't do much :( Using a situation as a means for evangelism only really works when asked for :(

Anywayyy, I can't see how any loving parents would do that to their children... If I thought that my parents would do that I'd have left them way before I did!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

People may not be able to get their virginity back physicaly because virginity is a sacred thing a promise you make with god that you will not have sex before marrage all you have to do in my oppinion is make a vow to never again have sex until you are married and I mean married physicaly but will result being a virgin spiritualy which that is what really counts when we die and really take it in say to yourself that you will not mess around and abandon the past experienses you had and beleive that you can be forgiven and that people will stop fooling around and really do it with someone they love alot and that person loves them back enough to accept it physicaly and spiritualy the body is just a shell a spirit is the embodyment of life I am was a virgin but lost it but I took that vow to never do it again until marrage I let go of the bad in the past and I feel as free as a bird when they get released from the cages try it. it may bring some hope to life


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel the same way as you do... I lost mine but i feel so useless and I wish I could get it back... does anyone have any ideas cos i'm goin crazy... i feel so stupid.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the same was with friend bluffed me.took me with her for shopping and during that she said my boyfriend is coming and want to be him but you too keep with she was a close friend i agreed but when we arrive her bf's flat there were 2 more friend along with his bf went to other room the other one left and i was left with a single.and after a minute he bolted the door and said if you shout i will not leave you.can anyone tell me at that situation what i were supposed to do.i left my friend but at same day lost my virginity love who was with me since 8 years left me in 5 minutes when i told am engaged and all the time tense about my would be married life


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