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Monday, May 03, 2004

Time stopped for elementary school library before students' parents were born

Prometheus 6 has a great post on how schoolkids are being robbed of even halfway decent libraries.
I am beginning to think that most people see libraries as 19th century relics, irrelevant in our day of the mega-book store. Even alot of people I know who read constantly haven't darkened the door of a library for awhile. I fell out of the habit, too, though I bought most of my books at the used bookstore. Well, it's a problem. I've gone back to visiting the library and it's just great not having to spend money on books. And you read more, since you don't have the need to make the book last so you get your money's worth.
I live in a readin' city, but still it's surprising to walk into libraries and see that tons of people are in them, reading, napping, whatever. They are useful and they can't just fade away as they seem to be doing.
I don't have a solution, by any means. But I would like to see some politicians talking about reading and libraries and schools and exactly how they plan to increase funding for them. This is not an issue that should disappear.


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