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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Cracks are appearing in the wall

The first industry type faces reality.
What I find humorous about this whole prescription drug Medicare debacle is how badly BushCo "misunderestimated" the situation. They thought they could push a regressive program through that screwed the little guy while writing a big ol' check to already filthy rich corporate fat cats and people would thank them for it because they gave it a misleading name and surrounded it with compassionate rhetoric. Hey, it usually works! But this time they put the screws to a bunch of retired people who have nothing if they don't have the time to research how to get the best prices on their drugs. And those prices are found in Canada. Doh!
Which of course causes the retirees to ask, why is it that Canada can offer drugs to American citizens at such low prices? And the door opens for people to start getting a clue about nationalized health care.
And BushCo has backed itself into an ugly situation where they have a choice to either arrest elderly people who have to choose between taking their drugs or eating dog food or actually allow their corporate friends make slightly less money. What to do?