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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Great something else for the sexist crowd to blow out of proportion

Women feel worse sometimes about getting an abortion rather than miscarrying years after the fact. Jeez, I wonder if the constant messages about how getting an abortion makes you a murderous slut has anything to do with that?
I have known plenty of women who have had one and while I doubt they really regret it, yes, they do show "avoidance" symptoms. You never know when some slobbering anti-abortion fanatic will come out of the woodwork and accuse you of murder. And beyond that, most women who ended a pregnancy had, dare I say, less than favorable circumstances at the time than women who tried to have the baby but miscarried.
Luckily, the doctors seem to get this, that it's not necessarily something you should feel rotten about and there's help:

The findings suggest that women who have an abortion or miscarriage should be encouraged to talk about their feelings instead of holding them inside, according to study leader Dr. Anne Nordal Broen.

It seems like this study was geared more towards helping doctors give long-term care to women who feel pain and shame about failing to live up to the socially mandated role of the glowing, happy, healthy pregnant woman. If this has anything to do with politics at all, it's because the politics around pregnancy cause pretty much all women to feel anxiety, shame, fear, guilt and resentment. In fact, a large, long-term study about how women feel about pregnancy and child-rearing would be extremely interesting, but probably impossible to do. If there is a subject people are more evasive about than their feelings about sex, it's probably their feelings about child-bearing and rearing. For instance, many people would probably admit that they wouldn't have had children if they had it to do all over again if they were being truly honest, but that's not something that they would ever admit, because it sounds like they don't love their children. The sad thing is that if adults were able to have nuanced, thoughtful opinions on children they would probably end up being better parents or even just better citizens overall, but that's not going to happen anytime soon.