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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Austin nights

A fun night on the town and after all the shit work we do, we deserved it. Went and saw a friend's band, the Bulemics. Very good stress-killing band, loud, mean, fun.
But we mostly went out to catch one of our favorite new bands, Amplified Heat. This is one of those bands that you fall in love with and you know for a fact will be one of those bands you'll be bragging about going to see back when no one heard of them someday when their shows are packing 'em. They are a garage band, which is of course the standard hip thing to be nowadays but they defy boring hipster cred by rocking the fuck out of a room. They rock so hard that it will make you giggle; it's almost a parody, a mocking of old school rock bands but you're going with it, you're enjoying it. They're no joke, though. Their talent causes their fellows in the audience to cringe with jealousy.
Garage rock is definitely the big thing now, which is cool with me, since I always liked it. This band is interesting, since they reach beyond all that and aim for something more like the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Luckily, their bass player can hold his own with Noel Redding. Their shows are a pure rock and roll joy, all dancing and thinking naughty thoughts. I'll like these guys after the hipsters abandon their tepid embrace of 60's style garage rock.
In Austin, we tend not to think of rock music in this detached, ironic hipster style. It's never quit being rock music to us and I don't think it ever will be. Rock music is about sex and passion and doesn't really bode well under the weight of ironic pretension. Occassionally, I'll email with a friend out of state and he/she is amazed at the passion and love we invest in our music here; we haven't been ruined by the hipper than thou attitude. It's hard and almost embarrassing to talk about being a part of the rock music scene here, being still dedicated to the DIY punk aesthetic that is withering under an onslaught of uber-cool in other places. On the other hand, there is something exciting about living in one of the few places where music still means something in a big way to alot of people. And that a band dedicated to recreating and remaking the 60's garage rock sound can do so without irony or attitude. Check 'em out.