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Monday, July 12, 2004

Condemns and animals in heat

From Sadly, No, we get this delightful Townhall blog entry:

Uganada is the only success story on the continent of Africa--and it is the only area that promotes the ABC model (Abstinence first, then be faithful to your spouse, and if you choose to give in to your lust and act like an animal in heat, then use a condemn).

If being faithful to your spouse means that you don't get to act like an animal in heat, then you're not going to get many people to sign onto this monogamy thing. But this Freudian slip of sorts does give me insight into how self-righteous fundies get off while the rest of us are cheerfully rutting like animals in heat. Just remember, kids, when you're going to indulge in a round of self-righteous condemning, always be safe and wear a condom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that they... uh... dehumanize Africans or anything like that. Nopers: National Review-type conservatives gave up all that racism stuff in 1965.

I think, in all seriousness, that the ABC advice is pretty good when you're dealing with an AIDS crisis, but the fact that it coincides (2/3rds, at least) with social conservative views and the fact that it is a necessary measure when faced with a huge outbreak of a life-threatening STD aren't related in my view.

I liked the mating system of the Crakers in Oryx and Crake, though unlike Crake, I don't see what's so bad for the species about imperfect monogamy. Red-winged blackbirds are basically monogamous but cheat on their "spouses," a lot, and they do fine, though I doubt it has the same emotional baggage for them.

Julian Elson


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaaand I missed the main joke (using condemns) until about three minutes after reading. Slow me!

Julian Elson


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