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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Getting closer....

Married means married, but it looks like anti-homosexual writers and activists are going to whine and bitch every step of the way as newly married same sex couples start actually taking advantage of their rights.  Fatherhood worshipper David Blankenhorn is caught pretending that he has a problem with the law that states that a baby born to a married couple automatically belongs to both of them.  Whatever, dude.  It was clearly not an issue as long as the parent who got automatic rights was a man by definition.  In fact, I have a nagging feeling that if men were given a bunch of legal hoops to jump through to claim parental rights to a baby born to their wives, Blankenhorn would be on the frontlines screaming about it.
He, and so many other conservative writers, have gotten so deeply in the habit of bending over backwards to make arguments calling for a return to unquestioned male authority that they've gotten lazy.  Had he even bothered to re-read this post, he would have realized that someone with an IQ of 50 could see that he's not mad because he thinks a law streamling parental rights is wrong--he's mad because he sees social forces aligned against men, stealing away their god-given rights to rule over women and children.  And that he dislikes same-sex marriage not only because of intolerance, but because it allows that that marriage models outside of Father Knows Best are perfectly workable.


Blogger Campaign Staff said...

You're right about their true motives, to be sure. Having been raised by an angry conservative man, I can verify these guys don't have all this endless love for the children. Why can't they just admit that Gay-homo-butt-intercourse-with-fags makes them nervous and icky feeling? WHY?

Fortunately, my Dad mellowed out in his old age, was re-married to a woman with a gay, HIV positive younger brother, and now has a far more nuanced (see: less bigoted) opinion of gay people. I wonder what it would take for Mr. Blankenhorn (What a fantastic name!) to come around?


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