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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Texas Democratic scramble

Today's Daily Texan has a round-up story about the new districts and who's running in them. It's a pretty decent article for those who live outside the state and might be wondering how the redistricting is going to impact the the balance of power in the House. Things are not looking good for the nation--if the redistricting works out how it's meant to, we might be inflicting even more Texas Republicans on our beleagured country.
The good news is that we probably aren't going to lose Lloyd Doggett. The redistricting was planned around separating him from his constituency in central Austin, but they had to do it by putting him in a district that extends all the way to South Texas, which is still a Democratic stronghold. The Republicans' weak attempt at defeating him is to run a Hispanic woman against him and hope that people vote for her out of novelty, I guess. Well, that's how she articulates her strategy.

"[The district] is 70-percent Hispanic by population, and the fact that I'm a daughter of a Mexican immigrant­ - I feel that I reflect all the diversity in the district," Armendariz Klein said. "A large number of people in this district have never had a Republican congressional candidate on their ballot, and so this is historic."

Doggett is campaigning by ignoring his actual opponent and campaigning against the man who is trying to redistrict Doggett out of existence, the Scuzzball of Sugar Land Tom Delay. It promises to be highly entertaining.
As for Delay's actual opponent, Richard Morrison, well, my guess is that he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. They could run a convicted felon who is openly married to a box turtle in Sugar Land, and my guess is that as long as he was a Republican, the white bread residents of Sugar Land would vote for him. Hopefully, though, Delay is not long for his office. There are many people in Austin who are out to get him and they are pursuing him determindedly for his shady fund-raising. I wouldn't hold my breath, but you you never know what will happen if our D.A. actually puts together a good case against Delay.


Blogger BlondeSense Liz said...

I heard all about this on Air America Radio with Jim Hightower. This does have great repercussions for the whole country!

Whatch'all doin' down there? Cut it out!
Get rid of that fuckhead DeLay would you please???????

Thank you


Blogger Amanda said...

Wish we could, wish we could. But Delay's constituency really is the height of white bread Republicanism. After that movie "Pleasantville" came out, that's what my friends and family have taken to calling Sugar Land.


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