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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Researching birth control is becoming harder

Lauren at Feministe has an interesting blog entry about her attempts to research her birth control options. Apparently, getting official information is an absolute nightmare in our day and age. Lauren had a very specific issue, but I've found that if you just need general information about your range of choices with good details about each choice so that you can make an informed decision, Planned Parenthood is still the place to go.
I don't want to panic over this--they're not about to ban birth control outright again. Most people use the pill or condoms, the former is a big money-maker for drug companies and the latter is male-oriented, both of which make them secure in the Republican universe. Instead of grand-standing on "morals" by attacking the security of those who can afford health insurance or attacking the profits of the drug companies, they're going to make their "moral" point by taking educational materials away from people who have limited options, like the poor and the young. And on that, activists for reproductive freedom are keeping good focus.
Once we have a Democrat in office, I imagine the government health officials will put the birth control information back out with relief. Birth control is a right that shouldn't be contigent on age or wealth.


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