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Monday, July 12, 2004

I don't approve of everything my parents did, either

But that doesn't make me want to take away the rights of all straight people, like my parents. (Or myself, for that matter.) But Maggie Gallagher has found a young woman who has extrapolated that because her mothers were lesbians and she doesn't like it, all lesbians should not be allowed to marry. See, when your parents are gay, there's parts of your childhood that are less than pleasant.

Like many children of same-sex parents, she was expected to defend and protect her mothers from society's homophobia. Her own troubled feelings about her family life were clearly unacceptable to her parents. Even now, the prospect of speaking about her own experience gives her the shakes.

Other kids teased her? Society was unfairly judgemental? Reason enough to ban gays from marriage! And by that logic, racial minorities shouldn't reproduce, because their kids will grow up having to defend against racism their whole lives. Neither should disabled people have kids, 'cause those kids will probably get taunted as well. Hell, even kind of dorky or ugly people shouldn't be allowed to have kids, because it will be embarrassing to be dropped off by your parents in junior high school. And certainly very religious people shouldn't have kids, because everyone always gawked at and teased the kids who weren't allowed to watch R rated movies or go to the prom because their parents were super-Christians.
Oh, except that in all those other cases, for some reason we think the cure for prejudice and cruelty is to punish the teasers and teach people tolerance. But Gallagher feels that a special exception should be made for homosexuals--in their case, for some special but secret reason, it's okay to hold the victims of prejudice responsible for the prejudice.

Via Alicublog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was the "other mother" the disciplinarian? That might explain a lot.


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