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Monday, July 12, 2004

Two more groups whose votes really shouldn't count are discovered

We are all used to the moaning and groaning from the right about how their candidate would have won easily if you take out the votes of (fill in racial minority). And via World O'Crap we find two more groups whose votes are silly and really it would be best if we didn't have to count them--single women and gay men. Yes, Vincent Fiore is on the cutting edge of coughing up reasons that certain people just don't know how to vote right, aka, for his candidate.

Indeed, that will go miles upon miles on the campaign trail, as the Kerry/Edwards ticket will impress upon lonely and bored women, single or otherwise, that not since the baby boomer ticket of Clinton/Gore in 1992 have the potential occupants of the White House looked so good. And as is the case in an open society, I'm sure a few men will feel all goosey about John Edwards as well. After all, Democrats have always been proud to boast that they are the preeminent "party of inclusiveness."

See what crazy things happen when you are foolishly inclusive and allow women without husbands to tell them what to do and homosexuals to vote? They up and vote for who they want to! And since we all know that gay men and single women are boy-crazy and easily distracted by shiny, shiny hair, they will lose their minds this election and vote for Kerry because John Edwards is cute. Of course, if they weren't so silly and stupid, they would know to vote for the candidates that want to restrict their rights to birth control and marriage for starters.


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