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Friday, August 20, 2004

Yep, Kerry's pretty smart

Everyone has been fretting about John Kerry's non-reply to the Swift Boat liars. Well, we shouldn't discount him. He was just letting the story grow and get confusing and now he's going to strike.

Smart move. Let their temper tantrum reach the "Today Show" and then use the debate to call attention to the difference in Kerry's record and Bush's. Attacking sooner would have made the whole thing fizzle out. Now the Vietnam debate is a major campaign issue, and it's going to hurt Bush very badly.

Still, the media coverage of this irritates me to no end. Watching TV this morning, all the news stations were reporting it in a he said/he said style, and neglecting to mention that only one version of events, the version that makes Kerry look like a hero, is the one that the Navy will vouch for.


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