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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

BushCo surrogate fingers surprisingly specific target

Hmmm....Rush Limbaugh somehow got the idea that the Travis County Democrats is a powerful organization hell-bent on destroying his boy. Rush is a busy man, what with his drugs and divorce and all. He seems to know alot about specific people that live all the way out here in Texas, where, last I checked, he doesn't live.

During his Thursday broadcast, Limbaugh made connections between TCDP and Burkett, and Rather and Ben Barnes. Barnes, a former Texas House Speaker and TCDP contributor, said in a Sept. 9 "60 Minutes" interview he helped Bush into what was called the Champagne Unit of the National Guard, which included sons of Texas politicians and other high-profile members.

"All roads lead to the Travis County Democratic Party," Limbaugh said.

He said Burkett was connected to TCDP through his lawyer, David Van Os, who chaired the county party from 1996 to 1998. Van Os could not be reached for comment.

If it's not obvious already by the way that D.C. Republicans who supposedly have better things to do had their fingers in the pie that was redistricting in this area, there are a lot of very powerful people in D.C. that really, really, really hate Austin-area Democrats. Enough so that they are using this entire thing as an excuse to turn their national propaganda machine, Rush Limbaugh, on our little local chapter of the party.

They have their reasons. After all, we are the Capitol and that means that the Shrub and DeLay and buddies have all had to cool their heels in the middle of librul Texas. Aesthetically, it's just displeasing. I mean, the women of Austin don't cotton to keeping bouffant hairdos and one inch thick make-up! Really, it's enough to make a proper Texas Republican politico choke up a little between sessions of picking up checks, drinking at strip clubs and sneaking off with prostitutes.

As for the Travis County Democratic Party, well, this is just flattering to have the most powerful men in D.C. turn their propaganda spewer on little ol' them. Of course, if they get a mountain of hate mail, which they are already beginning to see, it might be a tad less fun.

I'm so tickled by this entire thing, I cross-posted at XX. There really is no such thing as a target too small for the BushCo machine to squash if they smell dissent, is there?


Blogger Lanoire said...

Wow. This takes "petty" to a whole different level.


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