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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Creeping fascism

David Neiwert is tackling the elephant in the room--the fact that the conservative movement is beginning to model its political tactics on those of fascists, in everything from calls of nationalistic superiority to exploiting fear that they then placate by portraying themselves as protector-fathers to stoking fears that degeneracy and racial mixing are "weakening" our nation. Fantastic stuff and very, very important to read.

Of course, violence and bullying tactics are also on the rise, but I imagine he'll deal with that later.

This entire situation troubles me, because we have a built-in blind spot, as a nation, to the possibility of fascism. We do not believe it is possible, and therefore we are not as wary as we should be of fascist appeals. We believe that fascism was magic worked on the German people by Hitler and when he died, so did fascism.

We think that Americans are naturally superior and therefore are immune. The irony is that believing in a natural superiority of your nation is the first step towards fascism.


Blogger The News Writer said...

If only fascism had died with Hitler. But it wasn't born there, and it certainly didn't die there.

These days I wake up mornings fearing the worst, it's already too late to forestall whatever hell lies in store for us thanks to Dubya, et al, and their misguided and idiotically dangerous policies.

And increasingly I feel a bit like Pandora, shouting to the heavens with no one listening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, News Writer, that was Cassandra, but I know what you mean. I was reading on another blog recently (sorry, can't remember which) where they'd posted some of what Mussolini said about the convergence of Fascism and what he referred to as "corporatism" and it was pretty chilling the parallels with this administration.


Blogger Mentis Fugit said...

"It can't happen here" is a very seductive mantra. It's appealing to believe that your culture is immune to these influences by virtue of some kind of innate superiority - but there's the thinking right there that can hook you on to that very path.



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