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Monday, September 13, 2004

Don't do it!

In response to a woman who wrote in asking if she should marry a man and then work on changing him, our MSN advice-giver of the day says:

If you want some inspiration from your predecessors, check out how Nancy Reagan inspired Ronald. Or how Annette Bening inspires Warren Beatty. Or Goldie Hawn with Kurt Russell. Join the ranks of the brilliant man-trainers of the world: Women who use men to fulfill their dreams and desires!

Which I guess is her way of saying yes. After all, women can't have lives of their own, so how better to spend your time than to turn a partner into a project?

I was fixing to just tear this one up and down when I went back and reread the question.

Dennis is 34 and currently an exterminator, he lives in an attic apartment on the bad side of town and drives a beat up 17-year-old car. He seems to be perfectly content with his way of living. He does not seize opportunities to better his life and is the worst with keeping appointments and promises.

And then I realized--this woman is going to marry Dale! Don't do it, ma'am! Not unless you want to be explaining for the rest of your life why your only child looks more like the neighbor than like your husband.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HahaHAHA! Huzzah! --Omar


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the letter: "I'm striving to be unselfish and do the right thing."

I'm not so sure "unselfish" is what you want to strive for when deciding *whether* you want to marry a guy. "Unselfish" is for once you've both agreed on marriage, and you have to see each other through spots of "in sickness and in health."

I mean, if it really takes serious unselfishness to marry him in the first place, he's the wrong guy for you.

Lynn Gazis-Sax



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