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Monday, September 13, 2004

The good and the bad of it

The bad news is Trish Wilson is experiencing blog burnout. The good news is that fathers' rights activists continue to act like total idiots.

The problem with stunts like this is they make these guys seem like they are just a bunch of kooks, when, to judge from the vitriol you see on Trish's blog, they are a bunch of mean, woman-hating kooks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the article:
Sir John said police made a split-second judgement that Mr Hatch was not a security risk because of the way he was behaving and the clothes he was wearing - and for this reason they did not open fire.Because opening fire on Batman would be unconscionable! I mean, can you imagine the public uproar when there was no one left to defend Gotham City?

You know, as long as these father's rights assholes keep pulling stunts like this, we feminists can just sit back and enjoy the show!



Blogger Earnest said...

And thus you have my problem with the idiocy of groups like Billionaires For Bush and the Axis of Eve. You just reach a point where your means of delivery exclipses your message, and you end up looking foolish!


Blogger Amanda said...

Except that Batman has nothing to do with fathers' rights, but Billionaires for Bush addresses the fact that Bush's policies benefit the rich at the expense of the poor and Axis of Eve highlights the very thing that BushCo wants to repress--women's sexuality, or more specifically, their right to control their own.
I think Axis of Eve might be a bit convoluted, but Billionaires for Bush hits it dead on. He needs that shoved in his face.


Blogger Roxanne said...

What does a homo-erotic cartoon character have to do with Father's Rights? I'm just asking.


Blogger Amanda said...

I think the idea is to impress his kids. You know, like a giant, public, neurotic version of the Disneyland Dad, you-know-you=like-me-better-than-no-fun-Mom thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with the right to see their kids; it has everything to do with the right to steal their kids' Underoos.



Blogger Trish said...

Jon Stewart nailed Fathers 4 Justice and the Batman stunt tonight on "The Daily Show." I'm glad Stewart feels the same way about those guys as I. From now on, I'm referring to fathers' rights activists as "knuckleheads" because that's what Jon Stewart called them. ;)

BTW, the blogger burnout is wearing off. I think I just got tired of so many whack jobs calling me a "fucking cunt." Then again, I must be doing something right if they keep coming at me like that.


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