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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Alternatives to the V.P. debate

Since the format tonight for the debates is clearly rigged to handicap John Edwards by taking away his chance to speechify standing up as he does so well, I thought it only fair that there be a second debate/contest between Edwards and Cheney that disadvantaged Cheney. Suggestions:

  • A poker game (It would be funny watching Cheney lose and then lunge across the table to grab all the money anyway.)
  • An arm-wrestling contest
  • Set them loose in a singles bar and see who can come home with the most phone numbers.
  • Put them in a room full of magnets and see who has more fly up and stick to him. (Prove once and for all that Cheney is a robot.)
  • Mr. Congeniality Award--the Miss America judges need something to do now that no one watches that program anymore.
  • Cheeseburger eating contest. Cheney might win this, but then he'd keel over.


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