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Monday, October 04, 2004

An article to save in your "Favorites"

I know I am, so that every time I get some sappy email about how God has blessed us with the holiest of holy men for President, I can quickly find this article to send back to them. Yes, you read it correctly--our Sainted President doesn't go to church. Even I was shocked by this.

No wonder they were on Kerry's religious beliefs like flies on shit, trying to create a controversy over whether or not he "deserves" to take communion. It's a fake controversy constructed just like the controversy created by the Swift Boat Liars--needle Kerry to death over a few minor details to make a sincere and well-regarded facet of his life look phony. Use this to distract from the fact that Bush doesn't even try. Kerry didn't get a leg blown off in Vietnam, people whine, pretending that invalidates the point that Kerry went and Bush didn't. And now we have people trying to prove that he's not a perfect Catholic to distract from the fact that Bush doesn't even bother to go to church. Sheesh.

Thanks, Jesus' General.


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