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Saturday, October 02, 2004

FOX and Karl Rove seem to think that it's 1985

That's the only explanation I can figure for this pathetic piece of red-baiting that FOX "accidentally" let slip out.

This is low, unethical and mean. But that is not my real problem with it. My real problem with it is that it's utterly stupid and unfunny. C'mon? "Communists for Kerry"? My guess is that they saw the Billionaires for Bush and thought that they would set up a similiar satirical group. Not that all that many conservatives read my site, but I have to do what I can to intervene before they keep coming up with other ways to "satirize" the left. Okay, guys, let me tell you the golden rule of making satire work.

In order for satire to be funny, it has to make fun of something real.

Billionaires for Bush has a very simple but cutting premise--that even though all sorts of people vote for Republicans, Bush's real constituency is the fabulously wealthy. See why that's funny? Because it's true. Bush said so himself with that snotty little comment about his "base".

However, not only would real Communists have no use whatsoever with John Kerry (particularly seeing as how he's killed people fighting for the cause), but the whole Red Scare thing really petered out during Bush I's presidency. What next? Jokes about suffragettes for Kerry?

I understand that it's hard to come up with good jokes when you are siding with the powerful against the weak. Only dumb bullies and Freepers think kicking cripples is all that hilarious. I know it's unfair that humor itself has a liberal bias, but you only make it worse for yourself when you try to be funny and remind everyone of that fact.


Blogger lucia said...

My uncle sent me all the Kerry for Communists stuff a while ago. Then, my brother forwarded it!


Blogger Anne said...

I saw a bumper sticker that said "John Kerry... For CZAR!" -- with a hammer and sickle on it.

What the fuck?


Blogger Ross A Lincoln said...

Dammit! my post f'd up and din't get put up until this morning, but I said a lot of the same stuff you did. Good point about how satire works.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Republicans. People no longer believe that the Democrats' "socialism" will have a suffocating effect on the economy. Bill Clinton's "socialism" sure didn't, in spite of the bold prediction of Larry Kudlow and all that the 1993 tax increases would trigger a new Great Depression.

We need to find another group that they can bash, but that's more plausible. Atheists for Kerry? That's a fairly unpopular group, and I think most DO support Kerry, if for no other reason than that Bush has all-but-explicitly stated that people not "of faith" are incapable of morality or compassion, which isn't a great way of reaching out.

Pornographers for Kerry? They're probably not to pleased with Ashcroft. (Then again, probably just owing to the balance of sexes in the parties and in pornography usage most Republicans and pornography users are male, most Democrats and non-pornography users are female: for most pornography users to be Democrats, Republicans would have to have significantly lower usage than their sexes would predict and Democrats significantly higher. Well, maybe, but I doubt it.)

Hmm... French people for Kerry? Hm... nah, too old: that was so 2002. Only Glenn Reynolds would laugh.

Come on, guys! Karl Rove needs your help!

Julian Elson


Blogger Amanda said...

Well, communists are technically atheists--that's how the right wooed Christians to begin with by arguing that communism needed to be eradicated because it brought atheism with it.

Too many Republican voters use porn to get any leverage with that. They don't mind if you attack the actors and whatnot, but if you cut off the means of distribution and make it harder to get, they'll get mad.



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