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Friday, October 01, 2004

Typical Rove manuever

I agree with Ross that this whole thing with Fox putting the obviously manufactured quotes from Kerry up "accidentally" is no accident.

Ross brings up the Swift Boat Liars, but actually the SBL is probably the most brillant thing Rove will whip out this campaign. How do I know? Because this is pathetic.

Rove got his reputation for being a dirty but brillant politician fucking over people in small races at the last minute. In Texas, he managed to usurp a popular and effective governor who had turned our state's fortunes around and installing the Shrub with a whisper campaign about how Ann Richards was a lesbian and trying to stage a covert takeover of the Texas government by appointing "hundreds" of gays and lesbians into government. It was ridiculous, but it worked. It tapped into latent anxieties that a bunch of people had about independent and intelligent Richards.

He started a whisper campaign in South Carolina during the primaries that John McCain was mentally ill from Vietnam and that he had illegitimate black children. It grabbed hold long enough to carry Bush over because it tapped into a lot of people's uneasy experiences with Vietnam--Bush's remoteness from it became an asset briefly because people just wanted Vietnam to go away.

Whisper campaigns work really well in limited time frames in small, homogenous, conservative circles. To a larger audience, whispers about Richards being a lesbian would have even less traction than rumors that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian had. Blatant race-baiting like the kind in South Carolina wouldn't have traction in a larger society where people don't immediately freak out at the very thought of mixed race children. The Vietnam thing worked for awhile with a larger audience, but there was more time for it to fade away and by November most people will remember mostly that Kerry served and Bush didn't.

If Rove is resorting to a tactics he surely knows will do nothing on a larger audience with a month to think things overs, he's flailing. And the rumor that he's picked to whisper about--that Kerry is gay--has grasping at straws written all over it. There's nothing about Kerry that creates the sexual anxieties in people that keep "gay" rumors alive. Yeah, his wife has her own mind. After the Clinton escapades, surely they know that doesn't make a man seem gay anymore, if it ever did. And it was pretty easy to read coldness into the Clinton marriage if you wanted to--I saw Hillary shrug Bill's hand off her shoulder once in irritation. Kerry and his wife exude warmth. This rumor won't take. Bush's campaign is flailing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amanda, Thanks for posting the links. I agree with your assessment that they are getting a tad desperate, and desperation may lead to sloppiness, and thus lead to a smoking gun. I don't think Rove can spin the blog universe like the regular media, and more and more folks are getting information from the internet, and blogs. I don't think he has a handle on how to silence the blogs, and after last night's debacle for his candidate, he may in fact be grasping at any straw in the stack at this point. I found it interesting that I could not find any debate poll on this morning. I am eagerly awaiting the vice presidental debate. So glad I have CSPAN. Got to see split screen of both candidates in last nights debate.



Blogger Anne said...

oh GOD I hope they're flailing. Please. Please.


Blogger Dan Jacobson said...

No, it was too easy. There's another shoe dangling somewhere. At least, that's what I've come to expect.


Blogger Ross A Lincoln said...

Amanda's right, this is fairly weak, though Dan is already correct about there being another shoe to drop. See Atrios, or (shamless plug) my site in a few moments for more.

It looks like rather than a silver bullet whispering campaign, this is going to be an attempted death by 1,000 cuts. Interesting tactic. Rove is getting desperate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today's NYT, pg A10, Campaign Briefing:

Computers are stolen from Bush office

Three laptop computers containing campaign plans were stolen overnight from the Washington headquarters of the Bush-Cheney campaign in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, Republican officials said....

Well, apparently, someone was able to throw a rock through a window between 2 am and 8 am and steal the three laptops. If there were vital and secret campaign plans on these laptops, should'nt they have been taken home by their users? They are portable, light, easy to carry. They are laptops fer cryin' out loud! You would think that if vital information was on these laptops, that if those responsible were going to be stupid enough to leave them in the headquarters, that they just might have had an alarm to alert of break-ins? This reeks, and I mean reeks of rovian tactics. Planting the seed to cancel the next debates, perhaps? Just the beginning of more perhaps?




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