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Friday, October 01, 2004

Max gets letters

Max got a missive from Ed Gillespie a few minutes ago. I'll spare you the tedious lies they keep spreading involving the word "flip-flop", but I will excerpt this:

The President spoke directly and passionately last night about the decisions he's made regarding the War on Terror and the progress we're made. He is a President who wears his emotions on his sleeve and at times was bemused by the fact that John Kerry is a walking contradiction when it comes to Iraq and the War on Terror.

What you see is what you get with President Bush.


C'mon, y'all. We all know the Bush we saw last night was the real, honest Bush. That he is a petulant, whiny, spoiled brat is not an asset, no matter how "honest" it seems. If that's him being honest, that only confirms what many of us believe--that he committed our troops to a war because he felt entitled to the spoils, and now that people are angry because his actions had consequences, he is throwing a temper tantrum.

God, I can't wait until he throws a temper tantrum when Kerry points out, as he clearly plans to do, that massive tax cuts for the rich are leading directly to more poverty for the rest of the country.


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