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Monday, November 22, 2004

The corny shit begins

Since it's Thanksgiving week and since the rain and the shitty election and whatnot have run me down (a friend mentioned this weekend that even my blogging hasn't been as energetic and goofy as of late, for which I apologize), I've decided I need to give thanks and stuff. I don't have a god, but I do have a blog where I can pour out my aimless gratitude. I think now that we have President Bush for 4 more years, focusing on the sunny side a little won't kill us. So there.

I'm grateful for my new house. My boyfriend and I had a long and weird journey to get this house that involved (horror of horrors) living in the suburbs for a year. When we went looking for a house in central Austin, we expected whatever we would get would require a lot of decorating on our parts--painting, etc. But the gods of good taste blessed us and we managed to purchase the house from an interior decorator who had painted each room in colors that go well with my furniture. We are lucky, lucky bastards. We got our cute 50's house in great condition and we didn't have to paint a damn thing. And it's pink! Not ugly pink, but pink enough that we can say with pride, "Ours is the pink house." With a huge oak tree, no less. And one of the best Mexican food places in the city across the street.

Edited: Too long.


Blogger amblongus said...

Ah, I liked the longer, rambling version....


Blogger Amanda said...

Thanks, but I think that even positive work stuff just doesn't have a place here.


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