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Friday, December 10, 2004

Friday random ten--now I'm waking up edition

Okay, flu is being beat back with coffee and resolve. And here's my random ten.

1) "I'll Make It Clear"--Teenage Fanclub
2) "Boys Don't Cry"--The Cure
3) "Pink Frost"--The Chills
4) "Going Underground"--The Jam (Is it me, or is The Jam like the heavy hitters of the random ten?)
5) "Looking for the Perfect Beat"--Afrika Bambaataa
6) "Do Anything You Want to Do"--Eddie & The Hot Rods
7) "Rocker"--ACDC
8) "Not the One"--The Donnas
9) "Brave New World"--Reagan Youth
10) "In the Hall of the Mountain Queen"--Raymond Scott

Excepting that Raymond Scott tune at the end, this list sort of mimics the process of waking up for me--sweet, almost poppy tunes to begin with. But before too long, I'm kicking some serious ass. In my mind.


Blogger Phila said...

Huh, a walk down memory lane! Loved AC/DC at 13, loved the Chills at 20, loved Raymond Scott...well, pretty much the whole time!

I just made NYMary over at PowerPop a CD with the Chills and the Clean (whom I prefer). Hadn't really thought about either band in years, but thought it might be up her alley. And now this! The blogsophere is obviously in the midst of an early eighties NZ jangle-pop revival!


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